People with Pads

A web app to provide women with pads in times of need. We provide the nearest location of women carrying pads and also reward the givers with points from which they can claim pads via cryptocurrency.

The problem People with Pads solves

Women! We've all been in this emergency situation where you're desperately in need of a pad and you didn't have it. What we go through next is a series of awkward asking around, which gets super awkward if you're around total strangers!
So What Do We Do?
We make the whole process a lot easier. Sign up today for free and press the red button to find out people around you with pads. We'll connect you with them! Help others if you have a pad by pressing the green button.
The Benefits?
A good heart always gets rewarded. You earn points whenever you help someone which could be used to claim rewards! We use cryptocurrency to make sure that you buy feminine hygiene products only. This way, you won't need to spend another penny on feminine hygiene products EVER!
To all the men out there who are feeling left out?
Apart from the privilege of not having to go through such a mess, they could help us by donating!
Come on, it's a social cause and these donations will help us in doing more for the society and also to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene.

Challenges we ran into

Since we are taking baby steps into the world of hacking, we faced numerous obstacles in terms of technical know-how and time constraints. Since our idea had the scope to implement multiple APIs presented here, it became a lot more complicated than we expected it to be. Despite this, we had constant help and managed to utilize three APIs.

Technologies used