Peer IO

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The problem Peer IO solves

Peer IO is not just a tool that can provide you with insights into your students’ performance and save you time. It also creates a much better learning experience for your students. Don’t believe us? There’s a bunch of studies that actually prove that it can increase learning up to 30%!
In the online post-pandemic world, more and more educational institutions are shifting to the online mode of education. While they are not the best alternative but they seem to do the task. But the situation has been dire where students aren't able to learn from each other and easily receive a review on their work from respective mentors and guides.
With Peer IO we intend on solving this issue. So what does Peer IO provide

  • Ability to create new assignments and courses for teachers
  • Anonymous Feedback and Review amongst students
  • Grading system with normalization
  • Tracking of interaction among students for teachers