A platform where student can create his/her credit score and can borrow the money to fulfil daily needs.

The problem PayCrunch solves

People can use PayCrunch to get instant microloans and can spend it using our scan and pay later service. It is one platform where you can borrow the money and pay through the same platform too by using UPI scanner. Also as people are already introduced to UPI so it will be easier for them to use the application. Also, we provide with detailed analysis of their spendings which help them to take better decision in future.
It can also be used as the Buy Now Pay Later service for digital platforms i.e. Swiggy, BookMyShow, Red Bus, Various OTT Platforms.

Challenges we ran into

As there is no such official financial score exist for college students, so to choose the right user and to decrease the default rate we needed an algorithm which can judge a student based on their financial behaviour. So using Account Aggregator services we are able to get the right data, which helps us in making a better Credit scoring model for students.