A Decentralised P2P Payments Engine like UPI.

The problem PayAll solves

Crypto Currency was proposed to act as a fiat currency but has been reduced to a mere volatile and speculative asset.
If I ask here right now how many people would be willing to accept payments in Crypto; I’m sure not many hands would go up, Reason being the current architecture is suited for us developers but confuses the common public.

If we want Crypto to be as widely accepted as BHIM UPI, we gotta make it as easy as UPI and that is what we are here for. We are building a decentralised UPI for the world powered by web 3.0.

PayAll is a Cross chain streamlined payments engine built on top of Microservices architecture and uses Adapter Factory Design for it to be easily extensible, Cross Platform, Real time and Fault proof. This would enable P2P transactions as in UPI and bill payments via Crypto for it to be adopted by the general public and hence promote widespread adoption we are aiming for.

Further by analyzing the History of chains decentralized lending/borrowing can also be implemented by maintaining an intelligent, Real-Time Score just like CIBIL but way better.

Challenges we ran into

Missing Solana documentation, Minor Bugs in Solana Devnet and Testnet.