Engage in the NFT community, Buy and Sell NFTs with 0 minting fees.

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Last updated: 08 August 2021 07:02 PM

YouTube video corrected

The problem Orden solves

✨ Inspiration ✨

NFTs are a revolution in the digital creative space and it's only going to be on an upward trajectory. While makers and creators like this need to make this space look exciting and accessible to anyone and everyone. This is where ORDEN comes in. An NFT Platform for creators to create, mint, and sell their skills. It's a creative space for everyone. We call it a planet of our own.

✨ What it does ✨

It allows users to engage in the NFT community, Buy and Sell their pieces with 0 minting fees. It's a tunnel to get your foot in the very wide door of NFTS. Join us in a revolution of our own.

💻🧰How we built it 🔧🔨

ORDEN is built using Next.js for the frontend. The Smart contracts from the NFTs and the Marketplace are written using Solidity. Hardhat to test, deploy and manage the blockchain development cycle.
The NFTs are ERC721 Standard enabling:

  • Low transaction and exchange rate
  • Fewer intermediation costs
  • Faster transactions
  • Land data traceability and management power enhance the value of the property.

Applicable Bounties and Tracks 🏆🏅

  • Polygon - The smart contracts are deployed on the Polygon network which helps us deliver Zero Minting Fees as polygon as a side chain and its multi-chain ecosystem would help us scale.
  • Filecoin - The NFT assets (images) are stored using the Filecoin and IPFS service (nft.storage)
  • Portis - We tried using Portis to implement the login functionality

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the front end with the blockchain was a little challenging!