Onboarding the Masses with Addictive Web3 Experiences

The problem Opium solves

Opium exists to make it EASY to design amazing onboarding and team building experiences that leverage blockchain tech in the background.

Targeting university students, we have created a game that encourages students to make meaningful connections while having fun as they settle into university.

We tackle most of the web3 friction that has made mass adoption impossible in the past - smooth, human-centred journeys entirely focused on the user experience and using web3 as a tool to get the job done.

Challenges we ran into

Developers are familiar with Solidity, so engaging with Rust codebase was challenging. We experimented with a few things including chatGPT to convert some solidity code into Rust, to explain Rust components, and even deploying components on Aurora (EVM) and on NEAR Mainnet while leveraging XCC cross contract calls. We also faced issues on Aurora testnet.