AI-powered search of Lens profiles based on Lens posts and on-chain activity

The problem OpenLens solves

OpenLens helps you find whom to follow on Lens, not just based on Lens activity but also by utilizing all the on-chain data the user has. Some possible use cases for OpenLens include:

  • Finding top investors in specific coins, from whom you can gain more insights on Lens.
  • Discovering Lens profiles of people who attended specific events, exploring their interests, and following them for event-related posts.

One example that we have implemented is finding Lens profiles of people who minted ETH Prague Poap. In addition to providing a list of profiles, we have enabled a search feature with an open query string. This search considers the on-chain activity of attendees, such as whether they hold meme coins or not, and their latest Lens posts.

Challenges we ran into

Using an AI model can be expensive; therefore, we have implemented optimizations to reduce the user activity we retrieve from Lens and on-chain. We also had to reduce the training dataset size to improve speed and algorithmic efficiency.