Online Book Sharing Platform

It is online portal for studets to communicate with seniors and juniors to get or sell books and stationary stuff with chatting facility.

The problem Online Book Sharing Platform solves

Student use books and other stationary stuff for one semester after that it is not useful for them. So if they want to give to junior student they need to found one, and same with juniors. They also need to find manually a senior student to get books and stuff. So our portal provides communicate with each other and find most relevant stuff very easily and to fulfill the communication cap our portal provides chatting facility for students.

Challenges we ran into

First of all in limited time it was very challenging to develop full functional project. So during development the backend part was very hard as well asto develop the chat system. We surf lots of to add this functionality in our project and it was time consuming. But due to our good team work we were able to develop it. As the chat system was the main feature of our portal.
So after lots of trial and error we get it perfect working system.

Technologies used