An ML and Data Science e-learning platform made for the students, by the students.

The problem OneStepML solves

The following are the problem statements that OneStepML aims at tackling.

Scattered Resources- For any student wanting to get started with ML, one of the biggest challenges is skimming through the plethora of resources scattered online, & filtering the useful, good ones out of those. This can be very overwhelming for the beginners & results in wastage of their time and resources.

Education Behind Paywalls- Education is a fundamental right for every human being. Despite this, an abundance of knowledge, the high-quality premium ML-related resources are hidden behind paywalls nowadays.

Confusion Regarding Open-Source- Student developers all around the world (& especially in India) are often confused as to how to get started with OS contributions. There are a lot of myths regarding it.

Internship Scams in India- There are fishy companies operating in India that make students pay money for "internships" & "certificates", claiming associations with FAANG companies, while not even providing any industry experience to the interns at all.

How OneStepML will solve these problems as an open-sourced platform for learning ML and Data Science:

Absolutely Free: Since this will be a community-driven project, we will not be charging the students a penny. This time, education will actually be free, just like it should be.

Open-Sourced: Our platform will provide open-source opportunities to student developers. Once the Beta version is released, it will be an entirely community-led project. People will be able to contribute to content or website development.

Moderated, Catalogued Content: The content will be properly cataloged for each level- beginner, intermediate and advanced. Community moderators & our team will ensure only the highest quality content makes it to production.

Externship Opportunities: In the future, as we scale up, we will give externship opportunities to student devs where they can get industry experience

Challenges we ran into

Creating an entire website from the scratch proved to be a major challenge, that too while working with a team of 5 people with different time schedules.
Then content creation and moderation is also a challenge that the content team faced however for that, now we have a 3-layered moderation mechanism in place to make things efficient.