India has over 90,000+ Banks Our objective is to make every Indian bank an NEO BANK using India Stack & NBFC-AA (Account Aggregator) Building for Bharat Banks

The problem OneStack solves

Challenges faced by banks: -
Banks continue to lose customers to bigger competitors banks, newer banks & now fin-tech companies, its the non banking organisations, which pose the real threat.
Banks need to gets back to basics, to protect customer base! Moving from just opening bank accounts, to ensuring that these accounts remain active & boost digital transactions by offering mobile first & digital first services
Banking has traditionally been a vertically integrated business & being small and local, isn’t the competitive edge it used to be earlier

The Solution
India’s first mobile banking platform making every Indian bank an NEO BANK using NBFC-AA
An APP way to Spend, Save, Lend & Grow your money! Improving the financial health of Indian consumers

Showcasing the Financial Heartbeat for Indians (Single dashboard of assets & liabilities - Your balance sheet & your NET WORTH!) Compile & Compare - Robo-advisory using AI & ML, to suggest products & services based on your profile (public/private data)

Mobile First platform will offer consumers financial products & services, with the best in class banking experience in their regional languages Aggregate 3rd party service providers to ensure the breadth & depth of product with deep levels of integration

The platform will offer right from account opening services, send/receive monies, offer loans, issue/acquire digital instruments, help make bill payments & give financial advice all on the mobile
Banks and One Stack will partner and offer the combination, of trust (banks) and innovation (non-banks) to the Bharat consumers

Challenges we ran into

The Present infrastructures does not allow a smooth solution for new customer onboarding & hence the same needs to be worked with the AA services providers

The handling between our consumer application (which we are building) to moving to AA service providers & then to respective bank, has multiple hops. We will have to take care of the dropouts & also the UI/UX

The experience to add new banks / new investments accounts is slightly clunky & it needs to worked closely with the AA service providers

There may be over communication to the consumer, from all stake holders, APP company,, AA Service Provider, respective banks, financial service provider, etc.