OneLedgerBook - Contador

Always with your money!

The problem OneLedgerBook - Contador solves

From childhood I was always told to be more cautious about the money we earn or spend. But then adolescence happened.

It brought an opportunity to utilize my potential to earn money and so I started filling my pocket with cash but I never realized that the pocket had a hole called expenditures. After spending a few months I realized, even though I was putting the notes in my pocket, the total amount remained same or reduced.

Ah!! That eureka moment for me when I just learnt that the money needs to be managed or else it might just disappear. By that time, I was almost at the edge of adolescence. Then came all the Financial Advice and Information and Money Management Apps. So many things to grasp at so little time! I started investing money here and there, read through a bunch of policies, went through mutual funds and a lot more. Frankly speaking, it felt like I was doing a lot.

But suddenly a day came when I just wanted to know how much I am worth in terms of my finances. Obviously the thought was inspired on seeing Jeff Bezos to be on the top of the list for World’s Richest Individuals. I started scavenging through all my financial documents to just sum up my worth and believe me it was very difficult to sum up. That’s when I decided to create a solution that let me have a sense of worthiness in terms of finances. Contador was born along with it’s Five pillars.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges (Pre AA Framework ERA)

It was difficult to bring all the FIs under one umbrella. We can have separate:
Banking Apps
Mutual Fund Apps
Credit Card Apps
Insurance House Apps

And we might just have to download a report from all these and make another report ourselves. But that is a tedious job and nobody wants to do their finances.

With the introduction of AA Framework and its open-sourced nature, we can reap the benefits of an easy onboarding experience for the individuals and get all the relevant financial information under the same hood.

Things we want to offer

Upcoming transactions notifications (for all the registered FIs).
Clean interface facilitating 3 step method to reach the page you want to see. You want to see your Net Worth? 3 taps only. You want to see your mutual fund values? 3 taps only.
Alerts and other reminders for new bill / recurring addition.
Simplified tax approximation. (Future)