Port across chains in under 15 minutes

The problem OmniPort solves

The problem is whenever a project decides to migrate to any new chain, it literally takes months to do. For example, Frank, founder of Degods decided to move to Ethereum from Solana and literally took 5-6 months to deliver the bridge portal for their Degods community to make an on-chain move from Solana to Ethereum. With our Omniport protocol which will be a game changer in this domain and will let any project move from any chain to any chain under a few minutes of configurations by project creators or founders, after the configuration is done, the user will use the user-portal powered by omniport protocol to move accross chains. It's just that simple.

Before the hackathon the following parts of OmniPort were ready :
1.) Static UI components for Creator Portal (unfinished)
2.) Static UI components for User Portal (unfinished)
3.) Static UI components forPort project (unfinished)
Overall, I was ready with an idea and then a feature list to build during the hackathon and use this pre-existing components of my own projects(just UI components like buttons, cards, swap portal, port projects UI layout, etc )

Challenges I ran into

I have worked on the following functions during this hackathon
1.) Created an SUI-based cloud node for this project during the hackathon (
so basically I am using Moralis streams to detect Events on Ethereum(sepolia) side and stream the detected event via the firebase function webhook then based upon the event detected this node is minting an NFT on SUI, which I did entirely in this hackathon

2.) This is the move smart contract with minting script which I literally took 5-6 hours to figure out how to mint NFT on SUI, tried almost 4 versions, with 0.26.0, 0.33.0, 0.36.0 and then finally 0.44.0 worked of mystenlabs/sui.js SDK (

3.) I took a few components reference of nextjs snippets from my own old projects for example buttons, layouts, etc but the functionality was completely changed as the cloud deployed node has to mint NFT on SUI rather than any other blockchain

4.) Also added @suiet/wallet-kit to connect the user and creator portal with the SUI blockchain instead of any other chain which you can see in the video presentation, this can only be done for the SUI blockchain so that the connected wallet intended to receive NFT on SUI blockchain, attaching image here

5.) Build a move smart contract for the SUI blockchain (

6.) Setup moralis streams with Ethereum (Sepolia) testnet with deployed smart contracts

7.) Configured Firebase functions with moralis key creating a function-based node on Firebase, attached an image here for Firebase function

8.) Debug cloud, again and again, to solve issues and streamline the cross-chain function error-free, attaching imaging for this too with logs, check date and time, (7 am - 9 am in the morning on 21st Oct 2023)

9.) Build UI for Swap from EVM to SUI in nextjs and tailwind css

10.) Build AIchatbot for Display/Swap NFTs as user

Cheer Project

Cheering for a project means supporting a project you like with as little as 0.0025 ETH. Right now, you can Cheer using ETH on Arbitrum, Optimism and Base.