Identity for Web 3.0 Communities

The problem Numa solves

There are a large number of fake accounts on the web:

  • Twitter: 66M
  • Instagram: 95M
  • Facebook: >1.6B per quarter

In Web 3.0, the problem is exacerbated as money is involved:

  • $12.4B in DAO treasuries
  • Upto 90% Community ownership through airdrops and governance
  • Over $100M in funding of projects

While the communities are trying to be democratic and act in the best interest of its members, whales create multiple wallets to game the system to swing governance votes, stage hostile takeovers and farm airdrops.

Challenges I ran into

Self-custody of a user's biometric data is the biggest challenge. We're exploring the following:

  • Commit reveal scheme
  • Decentralised storage of the pixels in a image, such that the complete image is inaccessible to a single actor.
  • ZK Proof of Personhood