An app that automatically plans daily chores for you.

The problem ninmu solves

Ninmu is a mobile application designed specifically to address the unique challenges faced by individuals with ADHD when it comes to managing household chores. (the word ninmu 任務 in Japanese means task/mission).

Living with ADHD can present difficulties in maintaining focus, managing time, and staying organized. Often, individuals with ADHD find it particularly challenging to initiate and complete routine chores, leading to frustration, disarray, and strain on personal relationships.

Currently, task management apps are available, most of which require the daily creation of task lists, which causes cognitive overload. The rest of them has scheduled repeated tasks that do not work well because of rigidity.

Upon complete implementation, the app will employ an intelligent task-scheduling system personalized to each user. The aim is to eliminate the cognitive overload required for planning routine tasks.

  • Ninmu app learns based on the user's consistency with each type of chore. Recommended tasks for future dates are reconfigured dynamically based on the tasks done until today.
  • Detailed subtasks bring clarity to the necessary steps.
  • Push notifications will show the task list for the day in the morning and gather the task completion status at night.
  • If the user feels overwhelmed, they can set the preference in the app for reduced workload for a specified duration.

Why would the users keep on using the ninmu app? The green checks will provide satisfaction, and the list changes daily, which provides a refreshing experience. In the future, the ninmu app will bring in gamification (task points, leveling up in each chore, etc.) and experimental socialization features (challenging friends on chores, streaks, etc.) to motivate the user.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Time limitation
  2. Idea validation is not done