One step close to safety

The problem NFTDocs solves

The purpose of this project is to issue marksheets to the students directly without the need of
hardcopies and making the process more environmentally friendly as the issuance happens
digitally. This project is different from other centralised systems as it uses Blockchain
Technology to make marksheets completely immutable and secured.
Students will be directly benefited from this as they will get all the marksheets digitally as an
NFT along with the shareable links of their marksheet.
Teachers will be immensely benefited from the platform as they will be able to directly mint
the marksheets in the form of NFTs to students from their respective profiles with no mutable
The platform will also benefit the college by reducing the paper usage and making the
process completely paperless and tamper proof thus making the college go one step ahead for
paperless revolution.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Exposing private data on IPFS (not safe)
  2. Using less storage on IPFS
  3. Transferring encrypted documents of Marksheets to student
  4. Making metadata safe while minting NFT.
  5. Using PolygonID to enable student issue claim with condition to his grades.
  6. Used Eth-crypto and faced errors which whose solutions were not available online.
    (BAD MAC error, Expected public key to be a unit8Array)