NFTable BY trell

An Ecosystem that enables creators to make their own NFT DAOs

The problem NFTable BY trell solves

  • Despite the rapid growth of the NFT space in recent years with many platforms springing up here and there, funding digital content creation still poses difficulties to creators. Many of these platforms lack the features that meet the requirements of creators, investors, and buyers, and/or fans from minting to monetizing NFTs. For NFTs to live up to their expectations for the present and the future, a new way of raising funds to support creators and engaging the community is needed

  • NFTable is an ecosystem that enables creators to make their own NFT DAOs.

  • Creator Deploys the NFTable smart contract,
    and provides initial NFT offering to their followers, fan or investors, to get initial funds to start the DAO.

  • The owner of the NFT becomes the member of the Creator's DAO.
    And by holding NFTs, HODLers can earn yield whenever Creator or DAO makes profits.

  • This can make a new revolution in the creator industry. And very easy to enter for a new audience in web3 Space.

  • Generally, sometimes we see, "hey! This creator is making really good content and having 20k followers and JUST RIGHT AFTER 6 MONTH the creator reaches 200k followers. And I wish oh! If there was a way to invest in a creator, my investment value would become 10x"
    And here NFTable comes to provide the facility to do so.

  • A new way of raising funds to support creators and engage the community.

Many potential investors wonder if nonfungible tokens are a boon or a bubble as they gain mainstream popularity.

We made it boon for creator and Investors.

Today it is a myth that only rich people can buy the NFT, thanks to polygon team to make it happen that now every one of any financial condition can mint and invest in NFT.
We made creators invest paperless, serverless, trustless, and smart.

This NFTable ecosystem can be used in any industry from a fundraising and investment point of view. Whether it is agriculture DAO, sports DAO, NGO DAO.

Challenges we ran into

Learning New Technologies: The entire team was unaware of the development technology behind NFT tokens. Consequently, the most difficult thing for us was to overcome the fear of learning a new technology such as blockchain. Thanks to Polygon, we were easily able to build NFT tokens.