NFT Aim Lab

A proof of concept of a game where in-game assets like Guns are minted as NFTs and stored on-chain. Attributes like Gun Damage is generated randomly using Chainlink VRF.

The problem NFT Aim Lab solves

In-game assets are limited to the game itself and can't be traded by the player. Our submission is a proof of concept which makes it possible to trade in-game assets even outside the game. Players can mint/buy weapons (NFT) to play the game and even sell them if they want. This ensures the gamers get the most value for their buck and with a very small configurable commission charged for minting, the developers can also stay in profit.

We envision that this system can be further extended to a system where weapons can be traded across multiple games which will help build an ecosystem.

Our project also inherits all the properties of blockchain and NFTs and hence is secure, immutable, and transparent.

Challenges we ran into

Game Engines like Unity3D and Unreal Engine uses C# and C++ for programming respectively. There is a lack of documentation on how to use these platforms and connect with blockchain. This problem was solved by using Unity3D, which uses C# for development. We used Nethereum library which is available for interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain using C#. We are planning to writing a series of Medium Articles to increase the amount of available documentation.