NFA -  NFTs for ALL

NFA - NFTs for ALL

One Stop NFT solution

The problem NFA - NFTs for ALL solves

NFA is one stop NFT solution for users, where users get various options like fractional NFTs, subscription based NFTs, and of course the regular NFTs. Currently, user has to use different marketplaces to interact with these different types of NFTs which is quite hectic and tough to handle. Through our marketplace, users can handle all of them easily at one site.
We have included feature of subscription NFTs which is in nascent stage. There are not many options available and none of the EIPs have succeeded. We aim to try on that domain and this is just the starting.

Challenges we ran into

Interacting with IPFS url from front end went tough as HTTP gateways have stopped working recently. Thus we have to look around it a lot. Moreover, fetching NFT data of each user was tough, but alchemy came to our rescue on that.

Figuring out the logic to make fractional and subscription NFT contracts on our own was the real task to handle and we really proud of our contracts and all the tests it passed.

Deploying a smart contract from frontend seems to be easy but trust me, it was one of the toughest thing to do.

Integrating our backend, frontend and contracts took most of our time.

Collectively, it was thrilling experience and we are happy to finally make our prototype running.