A crypto security tool that uses AI and community insights to protect you from scams and rug pulls

The problem NetSepio solves

  1. User can write and read reviews of projects on any blockchain ecosystem. This allows other users to DYOR at this one-stop information website before investing in any crypto projects.
  2. Multi-chain projects reviews
  3. Decentralized - Reviews are stored in the form of NFTs minted on Aptos Network
  4. Dedicated VPN with a Smart Firewall that automatically blocks out flagged domains on the entire network

Challenges we ran into

  1. Wallet integration: With the use of our own broswer extension, it can't interact with another browser extension (eg. Petra Wallet on Aptos). Therefore we created our own wallet.
  2. Community building: It is slow getting new users to join the community in the beginning, but with perseverance, collaboration with other project communities and the word of mouth, user numbers are rising.
  3. The next challenge will be to build on multi-chain other than Aptos: tbc.

Tracks Applied (1)

Privacy and Security Solutions Prize

Helps users safeguard their crypto asset with a one-stop information platform for users to DYOR, and to protect their on...Read More