nebula protocol

nebula protocol

on chain identity oracle and aggregator

The problem nebula protocol solves

Nebula Protocol simplifies digital identity management, making it more personal and adaptable. It's not about grand claims; it's about understanding and celebrating your individuality.

Nebula Protocol operates through the Registry, Nebula, and Atom. The Registry stores smart contracts, each with a unique UID, while Nebula manages "atoms," the personalized building blocks of your digital identity. You can customize these atoms to your liking. The protocol accommodates various verification methods, from blockchain checks to off-chain trust via digital signatures. In essence, Nebula Protocol ensures your online personas are as unique and evolving as you are, without any fanfare. It's about embracing your individuality in the digital world.

Challenges I ran into

I had a tough time building and debugging the wormhole part and took me a while to get the cross chain stuff working but once I did everything was pretty smooth. Was stuck a bit in frontend as well, but some server restarts did the job.

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