An online tour guide suggesting complete customized travel plans based on users interests, budgets and location detailing location, time, mode of transport and budget.

The problem MyPocketGuide solves

Its always comfortable to hang around with people we are acquainted with. Especially when travelling to unknown spots we tend to take a tour guide to have the most out of the place. What if your phone can assist you explore the spot? Infact it can become your online tour guide.
That is what our application, MyPocketGuide focuses to provide. The application take in your interests and location to suggest one of the best suitable travel plan. There are applications that suggest plans, travel and stay options but our application focuses on wrapping everything to a single frame. Do check out the photos provided to see how exactly the plans are listed out. We do plan to provide options for users to edit their destination, choose suitable transportation and stay, from the suggested plan.
We also plan to integrate women safety options into it by providing an emergency button that sends signals to Pink Patrol Rooms when pressed for 5 seconds. Review options to rate the plans are also to be incorporated.

Challenges we ran into

We did experience problems in connecting ChatGPT with Flutter. Even though we had done that previously we still faced trouble in doing so. So we used an older version of ChatGPT. We infact even tried out Django for the chatGPT model. It came out well but we had trouble linking it with Flutter UI.

Technologies used