MOSAIC allows to register a lens profile as an ERC-6551 account, linking the handle with an ERC-4337 account and enabling holding multiple NFTs and other assets within the Lens Profile NFT.

The problem MOSAIC solves

The problem

When assessing the reliability of an account, we usually rely solely on who are its followers. But this is not a viable method for verifying the authenticity of an account.

The solution

By integrating the ERC-6551 standard and it's underlaying Account Abstraction infrastructure; users, organizations and social causes on Lens using MOSAIC, are be able to register their Lens profile as a smart contract account.
Harnessing the potential of ERC-6551, at MOSAIC, we’ve coined the term join, a new way of following organizations and social causes profiles. Representing some kind of affiliation such as work, hobbies, etc. You could even create a reputation list or score based on the NFTs the profile holds.

How it works

When the organization registers its Lens profile as a smart contract account, its allowing Lens users who meet the specified requirements (on this MVP a secret code) to join the organization. In order to proof that you joined the organization, MOSAIC mints an NFT linked to the user’s Lens profile, to the smart contract wallet of the organization. Allowing the organization to keep track and manage its affiliations in a user friendly way.

What's next...

  • Provide an API that can be consumed by other applications in the Lens Ecosystem to determine the different affiliation for profile.
  • Add new requirements mechanisms in order to join the organisation. We want to integrate Chainlink functions in order to validate a given corporate email address.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the early stage of the ERC-6551 standard, there are currently no comparable use cases available and we lacked of a guiding reference to inform our approach. Initially, our development efforts focused on creating a custom module; however, we subsequently discovered a series of dependencies that were overlooked. Following thorough discussion with the Lens team, we made the decision to pivot our strategy and develop our own ERC-721 smart contract.