Moments gives a platform discover your tribe, Own your moments on chain with royalty structure to support Public good like Gitcoin Grants

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Last updated: 28 August 2022 05:23 AM

Created project

The problem Moments solves

We all have been to multiple events, but we connect a little.

Research has shown that the best onboarding of new users into any new tech or industry happens in small intimate groups.
Conferences are a great way to form these groups, we hustle, build and meet many amazing people.

But making these connections and finding your group seems too difficult: why is it so hard to find your Crypto Tribe?

We find the following reasonable culprits:

  • Lack of meaningful connections at events and public places
  • Many beautiful moments and pictures captured, but the pictures do not become connections
  • Difficult in finding your Web3 tribe, no platform to learn and grow together with your people

A single platform to find your Web3 Tribe and thrive together in crypto and Web3! Take part in ReFi and the regenerative economy seamlessly while learning and enjoying with your people.

  • Mint your favourite moments from the event/conference for free, own and cherish them
  • Tag your new friends and form deeper connections with the people you meet
  • Get recommendations for your tribe based on your activity, take part in the Web3 economy along with your tribe