Mighty Cats

Mighty Cats

Mighty Cats is a gaming experience powered by NFTs, where players can rescue virtual cats by paying a fee. Each cat within the game represents a real-life cat that has been rescued by a shelter.

The problem Mighty Cats solves

Animal shelters worldwide are currently in the midst of a crisis. The ratio of animals finding homes compared to those entering shelters has hit its lowest point in years. This situation underscores the urgent need for community contributions to support the shelters that persistently work during this overwhelming period.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing walletless onboarding presented a significant challenge. The documentation and examples available mostly focused on prototyping, lacking specific instructions for ensuring secure keys in a production-ready environment. The most challenging aspect of the development process was integrating Google Cloud KMS. To overcome this challenge, we conducted research on key encryption algorithms used in other libraries and projects. This research ultimately helped us develop a successful solution.