Medicine + ETH Unified medicine redemption system, built on the blockchain to now prevent double spending of prescriptions in online pharma.

The problem M-Eth solves

Have you ever wondered, why is it soo difficult to buy drugs?
It's simple, drugs are bad for you. However, we don't just mean the typical addictive, chemical intoxicants that are often talked about like Cocaine, or Marijuana. We are referring to prescription medicines, that is regulated medicines that are painkillers, sleeping pills or anti-depressants. These are never easily accessible over the counter and this is because these medicines just like chemical intoxicants can kill. In fact, prescription medicines if abused can be just as if not more dangerous to one's health as the drugs in common parlance.

The problem is so serious, in 2020, there was a reported 92,000 overdosing related deaths in the US alone. This problem has been exaggerated by online pharma. Covid was a book of online pharmacies springing up with many online pharmacies of varying sizes opening up. However, these pharmacies have poorly established systems for controlling prescription medicines. Getting these highly dangerous regulated substances off of these websites is as simple as uploading a picture of your prescription and choosing the medicines you want. This system with weak security and lack of interconnectivity leaves a lot of room for exploitation as patients can simply upload the prescription to multiple websites and get more bottles of these prescription medicines giving them the opportunity to be able to overdose on them, making this lethal and extremely dangerous for the patients.

We intend to use the minting and burning capabilities of NFTs and web3 wallets to prevent this from happening. Our solution is simple, we let the doctor issue NFTs to the wallet of the patient. We use the ERC 1155 token format to be able to mint multiple counts of the same token for the quantity and then burn specific quantities as the patient buys them. On the online pharmacy end, the user would be asked to login with their M-Eth to be credentials to ensure the NFT for the medicine is in the wallet.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up worldcoin for authentication.
NFT Port had a few features missing with returning the count of the NFTs, this turned out to be a bug which we reported to the NFTPort team.
Backend problems with python and javascript on the client side communication.

Technologies used