Watch ads that you want to and get rewards. Own your video NFTs. Earn through streams!

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Last updated: 06 April 2022 04:06 PM

Updated problems

The problem MetaSurf solves

Ownership of videos, major platforms can take down your videos anytime they want. The huge chunk of the portion earned from streams and advertisements is ripped away from the creators in form of comission. Advertisers dont really get to connect with the users who watch their ads and are genuinely interested in. We solve them all.

LivePeer:- Get your stream up in an instant with the LivePeer Stream API.

Superfluid:- Earn through your live streams for every second your content is watched by the users. Not more. Not less.

Biconomy:- Everything on the platform is gasfree, i.e. we take care of the gas fees for you! Tip, start and end streams, mint NFTs, claim advertisement goodies and a lot more while paying ZERO gas!

FileCoin:- Own all your minted NFTs and have them securely stored on IPFS along with their metadata!

ChainLink:- Chainlink's VRF to ensure a true random number for the airdrops and rewards

Polygon:- Everything. All of the above. Powered by the POLYGON chain for fast and secure transactions!

Challenges we ran into

Biconomy integration.
Superfluid Multiple Streams.
Gelato Integration.
Chainlink VRF on polygon.
The graph.
Livepeer NFT mint.