An Ecosystem for streamers to monetize their streams and moments without any third party arbitration providing inter-player interaction as base layer.

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Last updated: 27 March 2022 12:44 PM

Created project

The problem MetaStadium solves

MetaStadium = Metaverse+ Stadium+Streaming

Brainstorm 🧠

We all have used streaming platforms and the one thing they lack is interactivity and are far away from being realistic. We wanted to build something that will capture the attention of Gen-Z while also maintaining the ease of usage. To make the streaming more realistic we need a realistic space and emotions. Any breathtaking moment can be converted to NFT and it will live forever. Stream for your fans without relying on any centralized entity.

  • Easier to maintain eye-contact
  • Feel more lively
  • Talk with other fans
  • More than one Group inside a Single Room
  • Better ways to monetize streams

UseCases 🍍

Charity Events: You can host your charity event with a few clicks and the volunteers will be able to directly interact with potential donors solving there query in realtime it is like a virtual office donors can come watch streams about the work your foundation does and if they have any query they can directly interact with volunteers. They also get a NFT for donating. Charity Auction for NFT’s via SmartContracts but this auction will be more lively and will take only seconds to setup.

Esports Event : As Esports events are getting more mainstream and their audience is perfect fit for the metaverse experience and radical shift from web2 to web3 this is another scenario where Streamverse can enter. The event host can set up rooms for every team where their supporters can watch the stream of every player as well as cheer together. Streamers can mint their Video NFT’s in an instant there Fans can buy them from the metaverse.

What it does 🔧

A Decentralized Live Streaming platform utilizing Livepeer's decentralize network for video streaming. Built-in NFT support and a 3D virtual experience with audio and video interaction support.

  • Host Charity/Esports/Friendly Events
  • Decentralized Streaming
  • Mint NFT’s of special moments
  • Spatial Audio to improve the experience

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we ran into 💪

Instead of Using Game-Engines which do not support web-browsers natively we have used BablyonJs for the best possible user Experience

Integrating Livepeer Streaming with our Metaverse. To watch the stream broadcasted by streamers via OBS through livepeer on the metaverse.

Integrating HLS stream to the bablyon texture

Infrastructure 🏗

We are build to be resilient. Our infrastructure is designed very carefully keeping in mind the amount of effort and time users from all around the world will spend on our platform. We are totally decentralized from streaming to gifting.

Livepeer Streaming Solution : Decentralized Streaming technology for the best quality of service and seamless streaming experience. Streamers can broadcast there streams easily using LivePeer Live streaming solution

Livepeer NFT Video API : All the video NFT’s are uploaded to Livepeer NFT Video API for fast content delivery. Hybrid Support of P2P and CDN technology which makes it cost-efficient. Encoding feature of the Livepeer NFT Video API provides multi-resolution which allows both low bandwith/resolution users as well as high bandwith/resolution users to access the videos .

Polygon Smart Contract : All the events are minted as tokens and provided to the host to allow special access to the host and create token-gated spaces. NFT’s follow ERC-721 standards and can be minted by the content-creators. Logic for royalty is also provided.

Graph Node : We are using graph node to index the data for faster access. All the events from the smart contracts are recorded to the graphnode providing the API’s for Front-end Developer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

  • Integrating spatial audio to improve the feel
  • Integrating LivePeer streaming and Video NFT API
  • Adding video texture to the character’s face