Revolutionizing onchain ticketing using web3 and NFTs.

The problem Metapass solves

Metapass is a versatile event solution that uses blockchain technology to enable attendees to contribute to events by creating an NFT (non-fungible token) using their matic wallet. the event organizer will be able to specify any parameters about the matic chain they want and anyone can issue their own token on it. every single attendee of the event will get a unique NFT (non-fungible token).

Challenges we ran into

We had almost no experience writing in Solidity, looked up at a few different sources and hacked together together a smart contract which could serve our purpose. Open Zeppelin also helped a lot since we didn't have to completely rely on ourself for security.
It took us a while to get together with the data flow but once it was done it was a smooth ride of buidling.
We did get into a few troubles in the smart contract sector but the wholesome web3 community was so helpful to clear out doubts.

Our Roadmap

  • Going fully decentralised, we'll be storing event details in a proxy contract.
  • Enable meta transactions.
  • A event analytics board to show selling profits, tickets sold etc.