Meta Leap Club

NFT Rental & Access Control Protocol for Gaming Guilds & Metaverse Projects

The problem Meta Leap Club solves

Currently, each NFT game targetting guilds is re-inventing the wheel by creating an NFT renting system in-house which takes months of delay and a costly development effort.
Still, they're not building for guilds that need delegated control over their assets in order to scale without transferring asset ownership to their moderators.
With Meta Leap Club, projects can directly integrate with our SDK to recognize whom to give the in-game access (or the utility to), and the guilds/owners can use the protocol for renting or operational management aspects.

Challenges we ran into

We started with a tech that empowers many use-cases: from buying NFT on EMI without additional financing to being Airbnb protocol for NFTs to being SaaS for gaming companies.
The major challenge was being clear about which path to go down as the features needed will change drastically.

For this, we talked to guilds, game studios, owners of metaverse projects, and projects thinking of renting physical assets like rooms for digital nomads or jewelry with ownership recorded through NFTs.
We realized the best space is with creating for guilds the renting access management stack which they are more than willing to get games to integrate as it's a burning problem for them.

We also realized, that while many people are wanting a smooth UX which can be done best when done off-chain with signing messages, they still are not completely sure of locking an NFT asset in a centralized system and want an on-chain protocol for renting.

Given a lack of UI expertise in the team, we created a simple wireframe using Figma and went ahead building for basic functionality while keeping a strong backed for trust.

We start by creating a protocol to wrap existing NFT by staking it in a protocol and getting a wrapped NFT instead, which can be burned in the future by the owner to get the original NFT back. The wrapped NFT has additional properties to grant utility access to an individual without access to sell/transfer the wrapped NFT.
The wrapped NFT also recognizes a manager address that can also be used to grant/remove the utility access, but again can't sell or transfer the wrapped NFT to a different owner.

Now came various complications, whether the rent is paid manually or automatically (using superfluid), whether the operations of the moderator can be further automated, like when to assign or remove renting access and future actions, which we solve by integrating gelato in our protocol.

Currently, we've support only for ERC 721 and will get support for ERC 1155 next.