Build your own digital memorial anytime & anywhere

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Last updated: 08 August 2021 12:56 PM

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The problem Memorials solves

Memorials is a NFT based decentralized application which allows users to create there own NFT of their valuable memories.
In this application we are trying to convert a moment into a non fungible asset. NFT guarantees that you are the owner of that moment.
We often visit a place where it is said that this was the birthplace of a famous personality, what if we get to see the image of that person from that time of his birth at that particular location ?
For example, when you vist Shivneri fort you get to see the location where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj were born. If our decentralized application - Memorials existed at that time then, today we would have been able to watch the childhood photos of Shivaji maharaj when we vist that location.

We often vist a place and we want leave back our footprints at that location. Who won't want to have his photo being displayed infront of Eiffel Tower. But is it possible for a common man to build a monument with his photo on it as such places. No, right? But with Memorials its totally possible.

Every friend group has a specific location where they used to hangout during their childhood and during their reunion they definately vist that place to cherish their old memories. What if they get to see all their childhood memories captured at that time at that location. The feeling of watching and cherishing those moments at that location would be doubled.

You must have visted some place where couples or people write their name on the walls or carve it on the tree bark. Which not only hampers the beauty of that place but also does not gurantee that the tree or the walls would stay their forever. If it was the place where the couple met for the first time, they might want to go back to that place after some years to cherish their memories and if they see that now that tree does not even exist it would surely reduce that fun to go back to their memories. But with Memorials your memories would always stay at that location.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating Portis with our Dapp and importing the accounts and nft.storage by Filecoin was a major challenge for us.