Meet GPT

Meet GPT

A plug-in that smartly summarizes your meetings with to-dos for the group. No more admin woes!


The problem Meet GPT solves

Office meetings can be long and people lose track of what happened in the meeting.

Occasionally one person is always designated to take meeting notes and to-dos. This is quite a cumbersome task, and many times important points get left out.

To free up time for everyone and reduce dependency on the human element we've built MeetGPT. This plug-in uses conversations in meetings as the input and processes it using OpenAI Chat GPT APIs to give the following outputs

  1. Meeting Summary
  2. To-dos for the meeting

MeetGPT is a webextension, unlike a Chrome extension, this can run across browsers, the extension is broken into three parts

  1. The options/settings page: This page allows the user to view and edit the settings, currently the OpenAI API Key
    This page also lets the users view the data for their past meetings, i.e.,

    1. The summary of the meeting
    2. The todo list generated for the meeting
  2. The background script
    The background script makes use of the builtin transcription feature of Google Meet and stores the information on the users device

  3. The popup
    The popup currently lets you view the ongoing conversation and lets you navigate to the settings page

To ChatGPT we currently have the following as three prompts

  1. Summarize the conversation in under 20 words
  2. Summarize the conversation
  3. Generate TODOs for the conversation

Future Plans:

  1. Ability to auto-generate summary without having to click the CTA
  2. Optimize the prompts such that the summarises are more concise and to the point
  3. Add meetgpt to the chats prompt such that it can answer to questions like “Hey meetgpt, what happened in the last 10 minutes”

Challenges I ran into

Because of the token limit, we couldn't process large meetings (time ~1hour). We would need to batch process the transcript so that the entire transcript can be summarized

The webextension API does not allow you to make an API call in the extension, to solve this we have to pass a message to the background script, which triggers the ChatGPT API and returns back the response.

Technologies used