Mastering Superfluid

Integrating Superfluid streams into DAOHaus DAOS using a custom Minion Implementation

Last updated: 12 February 2021 05:24 PM

Updated description

The problem Mastering Superfluid solves

Enable money streaming on DAOs. Imagine DAOs like the RaidGUuild streaming their payroll to their members in real-time or doing instant budget distributions to active Raids.

Challenges we ran into

Had issues Integrating with DAOHaus data layer (fetch data from subgraphs) and the new Minion. I sorted out temporarily by using contract event listeners and local storage. Also had an issue with registering a SuperApp when the contract is deployed using a Minimal Proxy pattern (doesn't have a constructor)

Due to time constraints, there are some things that are still missing in the frontend, however, smart contracts are implemented:

  • Sending of a streaming proposal through the UI
  • Execution of the minion after proposal voting passes