Mask Alert Bot
A chrome extension to alert for mask removal or improper usage of masks
The problem Mask Alert Bot solves

Assume an IT company or Internaet cafe or any public computer usage places. Wearing face masks is too important to prevent a covid attack/spread. So this Extension can handle that job. This extension has to be setup by the office admin or any manger who needs the reports.

This extension will alert that admin if any person in his office removes his/her face mask. The extension can also block the user from using the computer by making the screen blank if the mask was removed for more than 90 seconds. The screen will go back normal as soon as they wear the mask.

Planning to use some ML to recognise and produce some AI generated reports from the given user activity

Challenges we ran into

All the guys in our team were web developers. We had least knowledge about ML and working with image recognition. But ML5.js helped us to do ML in the client's browser with ease. This was a great learning oppurtunity for us

  • Created ProjectOctober 31, 2020 6:26 AM2 years ago

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