Masala wallet

Masala wallet

"Masala Wallet: Securely Spicing Up Wallet Accessibility"

The problem Masala wallet solves

Masala Wallet Solutions:
=> User-friendly Wallet Access: Provide a simple username-password based Smart Contract Wallet access to users. A zkSNARK friendly password hash is mapped to a username on the Master Contract, which in turn controls the Smart Contract Wallet.
=> Simplified Recovery: Offers password recovery using ZK-SNARKs, balancing convenience and security.
=> Decentralization Adherence: Upholds blockchain's decentralization principle, crucial in the crypto community.
=> Enhanced Security: Focuses on robust wallet management, mitigating the risk of asset loss.

Challenges with Passkey-Based Solutions:
=> Centralization Risks: Involvement of centralized components like dependency on centalized web2 company and HSMs.
=> Increased Security Vulnerabilities: Dependency on external systems introduces potential risks.
=> Signature Format Compatibility: Potential mismatch with blockchain standards.
=> Strict Authentication Failures: For instance, in Apple's passkey management, excessive authentication failures (e.g., 10 incorrect attempts) can result in complete loss of wallet access.

Technlogy used:
=> Smart contract: Solidity
=> Mobile Development Frameworks: cross-platform framework "React Native".
=> Web app dashboard for statics of masala wallet: React.
=> Blockchain Integration Tools: Libraries like ethers.js , hardhat, scaffold eth for blockchain interactions.
=> Cryptographic Libraries: For implementing ZK-SNARKs and other cryptographic functions. Here zokrates library is also used for creating the password hashes.
=> Backend Technologies: Node.js for server-side logic, integrating with cloud services {aws}.
=> APIs: For various integrations, including wallet functions and blockchain interactions.
=> UI/UX Design Tools: Tools for designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces {figma}.

Challenges we ran into

Building Masala Wallet gone through several challenges:

=> Technical Complexity: Implementing ZK-SNARKs (for password recovery is technically demanding and requires deep cryptographic expertise. Like writing the circuit using ZoKRates and verication.
=> Security Assurance: Ensuring the wallet is secure against core building blocks ideas of blockchain.
=> Idea validation: Convincing users to switch from traditional wallets or passkey-based wallets (Buzzword of current wallet managements system) to a new system.

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