A DSA explorer to search and monitor balances, positions and owners of each individual DSA account

The problem DSAExplorer solves

No proper explorer exists to monitor transactions happening via DSA. We have built the DSA Explorer to address this problem. Because of the diverse functionality the DSA offers, tracking the overall positions, balances and owners for a particular DSA gets a little tricky. Just like the DSA simplifies complexity in transcations, the DSA explorer is built with a goal of simplifying monitoring of the DSA positions, balances and owners and can be used by DSA owners to monitor their DSA accounts

Challenges we ran into

For the landing page we wanted to make a chart of DSA accounts created on each day for the month of June. The web3 service provider we were using limited number of events we could fetch to under 10,000 per call. Moreover even when we tried to fetch the data by batching the fetch calls, it was taking around 7 mins for us to get the entire data to the frontend. As this level of latency would'nt work for a webpage, we have made an API where a script runs and fetches data on account creation and updates it to a database after every 2 hour interval. When the landing page is loaded, the client makes a call to the API and the recieves the most recently updated accounts creation data and displays it.

Another challenge was monitoring and handling so many states on the client side