Liquidity Sprinkle SDK

One stop developer tooling for dispersing an asset to any assets on multiple chains at a time.

The problem Liquidity Sprinkle SDK solves

As new blockchains arises frequently, people have began to store their assets across multiple chains. There is a demand coming from every other chain for asset utilities.
Even when institutions bridge from CEX to DEX, they want to transfer funds to different chains for multiple use cases like as airdrop, dispersals, treasury management, and fund rebalancing. They want solutions that save manual labour and make life easier by simply pushing a button. For example, there are relatively few possibilities for the assets on chain if someone wants to do a fiat onramp, or if institution wants to roll out salaries to employees on different chains, our fund relayers services running on different chains.
We are creating a money lego with functionality for asset distribution over the blockchain in preferred tokens, that can be incorporated into a number of dapps. Using the Sprinkle SDK, A wallet or a self-custodian contract that can route this asset to any chain or account abstraction wallets can add multi-signature or 2FA and other pre-flight checks before disperse.

Challenges we ran into

Connext uses slow path while interacting with authenticated function which is adding delay in system for execution, so for hackathon purpose we are using non-authenticated function for fast execution.