Libertas - Fair & Free

Libertas - Fair & Free

Libertas allows Lens creators to tokenise their subscription cashflows and use them as a collateral to access credit. This helps creators to unlock their potential and grow their communities

The problem Libertas - Fair & Free solves

There are many creators working on very valuable content and missions. However, these creators are not always rewarded fairly for their work they do, as the platforms they use take most of the revenue they make.

Additionally, these creators usually have difficulties in accessing credit facilities given the nature of their work. This translates into unfair opportunities for them to grow their businesses, communities and to reach their goals.

Libertas is a Lens' module that allows creators to tokenises their SUBSCRIPTION CASHFLOWS and to use them as collateral in PWN.

This means that any future cashflow coming from a Lens subscription will be split proportionally among token holders. Therefore, since some of these tokens are held on PWN, they will collect automatically their share of the creator subscription cashflows.

This module enables creators to improve their take back control over their financial future and to access the credit they need to prosper in their mission.

Libertas allows creators to maximise their impact & to unlock their potential. This is why this module can be used by any Dapp on Lens.

To achieve this are the steps that need to be completed for this:

  1. Creator creates a subscription using Lens' subscription module "TokenizedSub"
  2. Creator defines the parameters of their tokenized cashflow: token name, number of tokens, number of tokens on sale, price per token...
  3. Creator then links the token to a specific subscription or revenue source as a Lens Follow module and mints the cashflow tokens
  4. Then using Libertas's Sub-Graph and OpenAI, the creator will be able to display their past and forecasted revenue
  5. Creator then uses as many of these tokens as they need to deposit them on PWN as collateral and receive a loan
  6. As cashflows come in, these will be used proportionally split to them and to repay the loan on PWN

We, however, made a specific effort in ensuring all of these steps are bundled into an Intuitive & Simple UX.

Challenges we ran into

When we initially conceptualized this project, we believed that a comprehensive product could be created - one that content creators could rely on to improve their monetization efforts. The most significant challenge was the technical complexity of integrating all these systems without compromising quality. It's been a steep learning curve but thanks to that we are now ready to take this prototype to the next stage of development