Web3 library network, based on smart contracts, that allows individuals to lend&rent paper books.

The problem LibNet solves

It solves and mitigates the problems of existing methods of books aquiring:

  • low diversity of book choice in libraries
  • high cost of buying books in book shops
  • high risk of book theft in bookcrossing platforms

Lower cost of reading paper books and reduced risk of theft become possible due to the introduction of the deposit from the reader into the renting process, which is returned upon returning the book. This discourages stealing.
Also, the platform allows those who provide books and lending services (book owners and web3 library hosts) to earn money by receiving a part of the deposit. This makes hosts and book owners interested in supplying readers with the books they need (providing necessary diversity), so that their revenue is increased.

Also, it addresses other issues by providing:

  • an incentive for efficient use of paper books in people's possession --> creates less demand for excessive production of book copies --> reduced trees consumption
  • easy access to passive income for all kinds of people who own books
  • new working places for people to make a living or receive additional income