The problem <ASTUTE BOTS> solves

The prototyped solution would have a life-changing impact on the lives of
animals and probably help us catch the predators too. Implementing this
technology solution into the real world, it reduces the poaching curve to the
minimum. Not only being the eyes from the sky, our prototype can get the clear
image of the terra-firma and detect what is what with the help of its camera.
Whenever the drone feels like it has seen something wrong, it flies down to a
stealth level and sends us the interactive feedback of the place by taking a video
or a photo. This solution can detect people, weapons, animals, trees and many
more. Further developments in this project include the predicting of the type
animal and the exact location of the hunt, so that the task force could
immediately come to the respective place and act. The respective organizations
need not require any strains and moreover it need not rely on other solutions by
utilizing the product the lives of animals will get saved from poaching.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Integrating the object detection into the drone’s camera is a big challenge that we faced during the hackathon.

  2. The drone’s flight controller gave us trouble during the hackathon, this made us tensed and nervous about the end result,
    but we finally made it possible by solving it.

  3. The most important thing is to integrate the sub-modules to a whole project prototype.

4)creating web3.js node and Using remix to create effective Matic smart contract.

5)Transferring funds from Matic side chain to Ethereum main chain.