Send ERC-20s without ETH for gas

Built at ETHIndia 2019

The problem KyberCallCollect solves

On-boarding users with no ETH to start transacting DAI/ERC-20s with the recipient fronting the ETH, just like a call collect. The project integrates two Kyber APIs and Torus SDK:

  1. Using Torus' SDK, allowing a new crypto adopter to get involved right away from just an email address
  2. Pulls live data on gas fees to best educate a user on what’s going on with the current gas prices of the network (ETHGasStation).
  3. Easily tells the "call collector" how much funds he needs to send to the ETH-less new user, and calculates how much he wouldreally be receiving based on the subtraction of the cost of the ETH.
  4. Automatically populates a Kyber widget using the address from the new ETH user, the amount of estimated current gas fee, and allows the user to seamlessly front the necessary gas to the new user.

Challenges we ran into

Kyberwidget has minimum transaction amounts to avoid too small transaction fees accruing huge gas fees.
To solve this, we added a max function to make sure that the user sends 0.001 ETH even if the gas required at the point in time to send DAI is lower than this amount.