KEANU on KnowYourDeFi

- Create subgraph of NuCypher, KEEP and TBTC - Make a KEANU data page which shows information about T Token, TBTC, NuCypher token and KEEP. - Use Unmarshal API to show wallet details

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Last updated: 01 August 2021 12:40 PM

Created project

The problem KEANU on KnowYourDeFi solves

Keep Network and NuCypher will merge under the new name of “KEANU”. The new platform is set to become active in the month of August. Tracking the token activities and changes at this critical time is very important. And, so far, we don't have a subgraph to help us to collect and index the data, so we create the subgraph by ourselves. In addition, this time we use Unmarshal API to show profile basic information in an efficient and accurate way.

Specifially, we create a brand new subgraph of NuCypher, KEEP and TBTC token on Ethereum mainnet. We use this fresh subgraph and GraphQL API to visualize data on our dApp Know Your DeFi. We make a KEANU data page which shows the supply and allocation of the T token for merged project, TBTC price, holders supply history and etc. Also, it displays information about NuCypher token and KEEP.

Of course, we include a learning page for that as well. That is where we can see introduction, official website, community, repository and tutorials for each project. In addition, in this KnowYourDeFi DApp, we utilize Unmarshal API to show wallet details.

Challenges we ran into

Actually, finding the circulating supply of KEEP and NU token was quite challenging at first. Some parts of the token are staked or locked in specific contracts. We had no clue about how to find them. After checking different resource and reference, reading other's analytics, we figured it out.