An EdTech dApp that Incentivizes Learning by Streaming Rewards. It connects Employer and Employee together to achieve learning goals, that can create business impact for the organization.

Built at ETHernals
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Last updated: 27 July 2022 06:52 PM

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The problem Kalvi solves


COVID has changed learning forever. There is a paradigm shift in the way people learnt pre and post COVID, there is high growth and adoption in Education Technology. We are experiencing an unplanned and rapid migration to online learning. A huge number of people started joining online courses to reskill and upskill.

It is clear that this pandemic has utterly disrupted the way we learn. It had both positive and negative impacts. There was a terrible disconnect between the enrollment rate and completion rate which questioned the impact of online learning.

Problem Statement

Learner's drop out rate is up by 67 % with most of them leaving due to a lack of Motivation and engaging content. We need to fix this problem by focusing on ways to Motivate the users ,Personalise and Reward their learning journey.

Mission Statement

To build an Edutech dApp (Kalvi) to reskill and upskill the learning community across the globe. Kalvi makes them more productive and efficient by providing personalized content, learning pathways with AI-driven recommendations (future roadmap) and by using LTEM (Learning-Transfer Evaluation / Kirk Patricks Model) to increase ROI on learners journey . Kalvi Incentivizes learners by streaming rewards when a certain milestone is achieved.

Our solution

We created a dApp that can connect Employer and Employee together to achieve learning goals, that can create business impact for the organization. Employer can signup, onboard employees, create courses, assign reward for courses. Employee can learn the courses, take assessment and earn rewards in USDCx super token. Employee can unwrap the token to stable coin and withdraw to their exchange account.

Challenges we ran into

  • Custom built Sorting Algorithm in Solidity for Leaderboard dashboard
  • SuperFluid createFlow, updateFlow Integration for streaming rewards automatically based on assessment completion
  • Design Thinking approach to Plan and Design Kalvi functionalities
  • Rendering Tailwind CSS Issue for Popup forms
  • Passing parameters from react component to other. (Used state variables to achieve it)
  • Integrating Web3Auth for onboarding users with Web2 social accounts (Google OAuth PoC setup and integration helped overcome)
  • Build Issues deploying to Spheron Protocol (Had to change all next.js <Image> tag to HTML tag <img> to fix deployment issues)
  • Integrating Arcana for onboarding users (We tried and gave up :-))
  • Embedding learning platform into Kalvi (We found opensource project Plyr.io and integrated the component into Kalvi)