Judge On Chain

Judge On Chain

A Decentralized judicial system with a help option that directly send notification .

The problem Judge On Chain solves

  • Make this judiciary System Decentralized.

  • Stop the Corruption

  • Judge having specific power to judge that case

  • Party 1 and Party 2 both are related to the same or different blockchain industry.

  • Parties have to obey the judge’s order.

  • I'm unable to find that type of game

Challenges I ran into

Let’s consider a situation you are the co-founder of a company that company will lunch a token soon. In that company there is another Co-Founder . He order to produce N number of maximum token should be available. At that time you ordered M number . In that particular situation if there is a judge who can easily solve your issue. Judge having specific Qualifications.

There are two different parties and judge having either ETHPower or NFTExpert and have to verify as a human using worldcoin