J.O.S.H Blockchain

World's First Play-to-Earn FPS Multiplayer Game

The problem J.O.S.H Blockchain solves

Current blockchain games seem too complex and thus, unwelcome, in their play-to-earn methods to beginners joining this space, such as joining metaverses, downloading wallets for each game, going through multiple stages before being able to play the game, etc. This motivated us to create a user-friendly way of utilising the applications of NFTs in J.O.S.H, especially for gamers used to playing popular games such as ‘Battlefield’ or ‘Call of Duty’ so as to not intimidate them.

We have identified that some of the benefits of playing J.O.S.H include stress relief, entertainment, e-sports competition participations, morale enhancement, teamwork building, increased creative output, and improved problem-solving skills.

Challenges I ran into

  • Polygon testnet (Mumbai) being unavailable, making it difficult to build on that.
  • Lot of trial and error with the Ethereum and Polygon backends to read the NFTs.
  • Unable to mint NFTs on IPFS using Minty function. Instead, chose to upload NFT metadata on IPFS directly.
  • Had to learn Solidity for smart contracts.