ISAs on Superfluid

Fastest way to get loan without hassle in flow.

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Last updated: 01 August 2021 03:29 PM

Created project

The problem ISAs on Superfluid solves

ISA stands for Income Share Agreement and they are great way to fund someone's study. With this contracts and UI on chain you can get loan from lender without a hitch and pay it later without ever getting you notice because contract handle's it all in short as a student you can focus more on study then on getting loan. And due to the nature of ISA lenders were hesitant to invest in it but in this ISA you can trade you ISA and if you help student getting better opportunities you will get paid more in that time.

Challenges I ran into

In short, Way too many. I started with undertstanding Superfluid Core contracts and Super App Architecture. But due to nature of blockchain if have to resort time based repayment system using superfluid and it gives more opportunity to lender. Due to new superfluid framework I was not able to develop in my local chain so i have to deploy each iteration of development to public testnet which made the process a bit more challenging since it is slow process. Also there are short tutorials on SuperApp so it was hard for me to getting started and how to handle context and deeper functions which i can use. Although it was really exciting to build and it is a great project which can help thousands or even millions in near future.