Indexer & Data Infrastructure Solution by

Indexer & Data Infrastructure Solution by

A scalable open-source indexer with high-speed extraction. Vision of the Flow data infrastructure with the AI chat bot, that builds tables and charts out of a simple user request.

The problem Indexer & Data Infrastructure Solution by solves

Data tools limitations:

  • The API permits data retrieval for 250 blocks, equivalent to approximately 5 minutes of blockchain time. This poses significant obstacles for creating weekly or monthly analytics
  • The volume of stored data is substantial, making it challenging to locate specific events without timestamp information
  • The current extracted data is in its raw form, presented as events, rendering it unsuitable for analysis


  • It would instantly and freely empower any new data-related on-chain project
  • Together with Kolmo - the AI chat bot will bring data to the end users quickly and efficiently. This will help enthusiasts bring insights, create articles and explore the blockchain in depth.

Challenges we ran into

We have considerable experience in developing indexing systems, and we have encountered several significant challenges during the development of the Flow Indexer. One of the main issues we faced was the high volume of blocks generated by the flow network. On average, a block is generated every 1.5 seconds, resulting in a large number of transactions and events within each block. However, we managed to overcome this obstacle and achieved real-time data collection with an average delay of 20 seconds.

In addition to the block volume, we also faced other challenges, one of which was the demand for computing resources for the archive node for the blockchain network.