Humanize Pay

Send payment for multiple currency with domain name

The problem Humanize Pay solves

Send payment through crypto address is hard for human to remember and verify. Assoicating domain name with crypto address will make it very easy to send a payment to people you know.

Challenges we ran into

It was first time that we worked on Metamask snap plugin system. Snap plugin system is still under development, so there are some bugs. We talked to Metamask developer and had the bugs fixed. We aslo had some things trying to pair with keep key with shapeshift hdwallet. After going through hdwallet example, we were able to figurue out the proper way to pair keep key. We also had difficulty to generate btc tx in js, since btc uses utox, which is tricky to handle it in js. In the end, we did not find a good way to resolve and left a placeholder for future work.