HumanDrop helps lower sybil attacks to Airdrops, with proof of personhood powered by WorldId. Now live at

The problem HumanDrop solves

Airdrops and linkdrops have been sybil attacked and that is a big problem in crypto. With HumanDrop anyone can easily create an Airdrop, choose how many people can claim it and make sure that each claimer is a real person.

We offer a simple website where users can connect their wallet and create a new Airdrop. (Now available at Polygon PoS and Polygon Mumbai).

Anyone can create an Airdrop, and only verified humans are able to claim them. To verify, users have to use their WorldId.

We also offer SmartContract integration. Anyone can integrate HumanDrop from their smartcontract by calling to our Verifier, we offer a registry that holds all the addresses that have been verified as humans, so they can qualify for other kind of airdrops or any on-chain integration that requires human verified users.

How does HumanDrop work?

Users are able to create new contracts that are deployed on Polygon thanks to a contract factory through our application.

In the contract, the users are able to specify which token they want to airdrop and how much each human can claim from it.

Human verifications are stored in a Verifier contract. Each human verified can claim any token from the AirdropFactory.

Integrating HumanDrop in your airdrop SmartContract

Some projects may want to airdrop specified quantities of tokens to each individual wallet based on historical reputation on their project. To do that, the airdrop contracts can interact with the HumanDrop verifiers or viceversa.

Using HumanDrop Verifier

HumanDrop verifier is deployed on Polygon at, to interact with it you can just simply call "isVerified" on the Verifier contract.

Note: It is important that your users are verified first. Redirect your users to to register in the HumanDrop Verifier.


Challenges I ran into

The major challenge was building the smart contracts, indexers and UI in less than 2 days. Other challenges were issues with the loading time of the simulator of worldid.