Hop Me

Hop it till you make it!

The problem Hop Me solves

The problem revolves around helping people to be rescued during disaster times .Disaster times are the hardest in sharing data because of the unavailablity of good network connectivity like wifi and cellular connectivity.
The people stuck in the affected areas during disaster times and after the disaster times will not be able to reach out to the NGOs and the government services to get immediate help.The death rates also increases due to people getting trapped and not able to communicate.
To handle this we came up a noble idea of sharing data like lat, long and photos and text through a mesh network to get help as soon as possible from the social agencies.

Challenges we ran into

With the unavailablity of internet we had to come up with new protocols for transferring data via bluetooth and wifi.
The most challenging part was the inclusion of an identifier into the file so that at the receiving end the transferred data could be grouped appropriately. Inorder to establish this, we used a unique message id which was a combination of the sender name and a randomly generated string. When a pre-existing data is received, this unique message id is checked and discarded accordingly. The next big challenge we faced was handling parallel bluetooth handshakes.