An Inclusive and Global Gateway to decentralized content creation and exploration using SMS.

The problem Hermes solves


The current world population stands at 7.8 billion yet only 58% have access to internet and less than 1% are using blockchain technologies. This is in part due to the accessibility of decentralized applications and current state of the centralized social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many others are increasingly becoming the primary source of information for the entire world. These platforms are dominated by likes and shares — because of this we don't always get the correct facts but rather we see ones that grab the most attention. We have become a society that demands to be entertained every single second of the day. We need to fundamentally change the way we create and share, to communicate without trying to solve a problem. Not being bound by the assumptions, but allowing the mind to move in new ways, perhaps creatively. So the question here is this, If there is nobody telling you how or what to do. What will you explore?

Hermes aims to simplify the creation and exploration of decentralized content.

Just send a Text/Image/Video to a Phone Number and get access to a freshly minted NFT that you can share and sell to world.

  • Accessibility

All content created through is tokenized into an NFT that is owner by the creator and follows the ERC-721 standard. These can by accessed and shared anywhere by anyone without the need for any additional extensions. The tokens are minted on Matic Network in gasless manner for the user with support for Portis Wallet, simplifying the entry to the decentralized world.

  • Tokenization

Tokenization of content brings new opportunities to monetize and share experiences across any platform. Each piece of content being an NFT is interoperable and compatible with platforms like OpenSea.

  • Ownership

With Hermes you are always in control of your assets and the one deciding what to explore within tokenized content from across the world just a click away.

Challenges we ran into

Simplyfying the experience of creating and exploring tokenized content integrated with the SMS ecosystem.